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Who we are...

Jefferson County Livestock Association (JCLA) is a 501-C3 non-profit organization that represents Jefferson County livestock producers.   JCLA goals include giving our livestock producers opportunity for further education and development for their business.  JCLA also believes in supporting our young producers as well as our local 4H and FFA organizations. 

Jefferson County holds many generational and new family farmers and ranchers.  With the ever

changing beef industry, our goal is to educate our members and community on the value we hold as producers as well as learning new and effective ways of producing and holding the necessary balance with the environment.   

1.  Offer education and seminars to help further the education of the livestock producers in Jefferson County and outline areas.

2. We work in conjunction with Oregon Cattleman's Association to help educate the people of Oregon on the positive impact cattle have on our environment.

3. Host an Annual banquet and benefit auction; with the benefit auction being put towards educational and learning opportunities for adults and children, including providing scholarships to our local livestock youth.
4.  We offer financial assistance to local Agribusinesses and Agriculture Non-Profits for continuing education and livestock equipment.

5.  Coordinate and facilitate the Jefferson County fair 4H & FFA Livestock Auction

6.  We give back to the county fairgrounds to help in the up keep and new projects of the livestock facilities.

What we do...

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